Tad Winslow.

Name: Tad Winslow

Age: I forgot. 33, I think. Or maybe much older. Or younger. Who knows? :)

Recommendations: Writes amazing, almost faultless poetry. One of my favorite writers on the website. Has interesting views on religion. Is s-t-a-l-k-e-d by me(with know evil intentions on my part, of course). Participates in the poetry competitions. Has great potential to be a best seller :) Sensitive and a basketball-er.

Faults: Can pick a fight with ANYONE on religion, biology, or evolution. Writes for a disproportionate time on the website. A 'beast' according to his profile.

Profile: http://www.protagonize.com/author/Tad_Winslow

Price: Perhaps a meeting with him. Or candy. YES CANDY. And waffles.
            Don't forget a free copy (I'm low on cash) of the first book of whoever the                    buyer is :)

For more information: Contact Ritu :)

The End

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