Name: Elorithryn (or should that be ... Cathryn? Sacrilege, in her words!)

Age: UNKNOWN. (I've forgotten it..!)

Recommendations: Writes quickly and well. Is in Protagonize Top 50 and contributes to many collaboratives. Also comments a lot and likes Spoiler Threads. Is a child inside, but can still offer some adult wisdom to poor young, unguided souls like Spook and I. Likes motorbiking; personal experience of many of her characters.

Faults: Often distracted by children and/or hubby, so finds it hard to find the time to write. Lives too far away! Also forgets things like, what the Doctor keeps in his pockets. Very annoying. (The fact she forgets this, not Elorithryn herself! Although...)

Profile: www.protagonize.com/author/elorithryn

Price: Hard... Okay, someone get me a sonic screwdriver and she's yours.

See Delorfinde for details.

The End

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