Name: Cerebralbutterfly (Mel 6.7)

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Profile: http://www.protagonize.com/author/cerebralbutterfly

Condition: Slightly insane, thinks aliens are going to abduct her again. Writes very well and comes out with some of the best laughter inducing chapters/quotes I have ever heard/read. Is a silicone based life form and runs on computer chip. Thinks she's a pirate....

Recommendations: Because of afore mentioned computer chip, cerebral reprogramming is possible. Thinks on her feet, makes strong coffee, is invaluable in an alien invasion, speaks all four dialects of Martian (this comes from her time growing  up stuck to an alien spaceship - read profile for more details), knows how to build a wormbasher 3000 (excellent for killing off those bookworms!), doesn't sleep (great watchdog) and is the master of stealth when it comes to sneaking downstairs for a midnight feast and moonlight tea parties (I believe she knows the mad hatter?)

Faults: Extremely stubborn. Does not like water in any shape or form. Has tendencies to lose the head, stand on the roof howling and end up trying to kill people during a full moon. Does not understand the concept of  'Human Emotion' (this goes back to the silicone based life form thing)

Price: Will exchange for a bag of dry roasted peanuts and a signed copy of any Terry Pratchett or Stephen King book.

For more information: Please contact Alipix who will be more then happy to fill you in.

The End

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