Promise Me Something, World.

So I said "Crystal Ink" would be my last writing about *that person I might possibly fancy*, but writing inspiration has been so hard to come by lately that I decided to post this. Even though I said I wouldn't. Because I want to write something, even if it's something I said I'd never again write about. Capisce?

Promise Me Something, World.

Promise me something, Wind. Promise me you will gently kiss his face when you go out walking with him, for I find I cannot.

Promise me something, Sun. Promise me you will warm his soul and adorn his darkest days, for I know there will be many of them ahead.

Promise me something, Moon. Promise me you will sweetly show your face on those dismal nights when he is all alone and unable to let sleep soothe him.

Promise me something, Stars. Promise me you will dance with him when there is no one else to take him in their arms.

Promise me something, Birds. Promise me you will sing your songs to cheer his spirits, so that the song in his own soul does not die out.

Promise me something, Road. Promise me you will stretch out in front of him and keep his feet from stumbling, for I know the terrain ahead of him is rocky.

Promise me something, Storm. Promise me you will invigorate the ardor in his eyes, the endless reserves of passion that underlie everything he does.

Promise me something, Truth. Promise me you will tear the lies from his dear eyes and make yourself known, for he does not know you.

Promise me something, Love. Promise me you will pour yourself out upon him, just as he empties his soul to lavish you upon others.

Promise me something, Peace. Promise me you will destroy his inner torment and bring him to see that you do exist, no matter what the others say.

Promise me something, World. Promise me you will be kind to him, for he has endured more than any soul ever ought to know. Promise me you will continually remind him how there is no logical way he should be anything but floored by his own beauty, even when I see he clearly believes otherwise. Promise me you will pause and listen whenever he opens his mouth to speak, for the things he says are worthy of the whole world's breath being taken away. Promise me you will tremble at his unearthly loveliness, just as I do.

Please, World, promise me you will take good care of him. He means ever so much to me.

The End

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