Just something I've been thinking about these days.

What do you do,

When you're lonely and blue;

When the heart yearns,

Envious of the lucky few.

It hurts to think that you may never meet,

You Prince Charming or White Knight:

Neither on a horse nor on feet,

Protecting you with all his might.

I'd never knew Id be this way,

I was always the one to hold men at bay.

Never did I yearn for any,

Now it all seems so uncanny!

No one around makes my heart skip a beat,

No one's around who has eyes just for me,

Neither does any make me giddy with the heat,

And no one who loves me for me!

I wish not to change for anyone but me,

Especially not for a man -

Who just leaves me be!

I want someone with a heart of gold,

Who'd cherish me even if I'm fat or old!

Unconditional love oesn't exist, I've been told,

I promise, forever, his hand I'll hold!

The End

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