Top Moments from Episode 5, “Say the Word”

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#1 - The Governor’s Daughter is a Walker - It had been strange when the Governor had mentioned that he had a daughter, but we hadn’t seen her yet. It was a little heart warming but mostly bizarre to see him caring for his zombie daughter. Two things that occurred to me when I was watching this scene. First, there were shades of Herschel and the zombies he had locked up in the barn. Perhaps the Governor also feels like his daughter can be saved some day. Second, my guess is that the Governor subscribe’s to Milton’s theory that the people who have turned into Walkers still retain some part of their former selves somewhere on the inside.

Later on, we see the citizens of Woodbury cheering on a fight to the death held between four chained walkers. It is an interesting hypocrisy to think that the Governor can be okay with the way that the walkers were treated, yet still care for his daughter like he does. Is it that he only cares for his daughter because she is family, or does he put aside his principles in favor of boosting the morale and favor of the people of Woodbury?

#2 - Michonne got her sword back, and fits in a little bit of practice - I thought that MIchonne would over hear some dastardly plot while she was hiding inside the Governor’s house, but instead there was only an exchange between him, Merle, and Milton. What experiment is Milton conducting that would require so much juice? If they hadn’t come in, would Michonne have forced that door open and discovered Penny?
What were the names inside the diary she found? Were they people the Governor had known who had turned into zombies? And what did the page after page of lines represent?
I was a little confused how Michonne got from the Governor’s house to the back alley of what appeared to be some kind of industrial park, but perhaps there is something I’m missing. I didn’t notice it the first time, but when I watched the scene again I realized that the zombies she attacked were all missing their teeth. So, apparently they had been captured and prepped for the battle later that night.
Originally, I thought that these were test subjects for Milton’s experiment.

#3 - A zombie ate Lori  - It seems like there has to be an episode during each series when at least zombie needs to be disemboweled. After Rick takes out his rage on dozens of free roaming zombies, he finally reaches the room where his wife died after giving birth and discovers a fat zombie. Not “Fat Albert” fat, but more like “I can’t believe I ate the whole Lori” kind of fat. So full that the zombie doesn’t seem to even care that Rick’s come into the room. But, Rick takes him out, and cuts him open to determine if his stomach does, in fact, contain the remains of his wife.
As usual, this show doesn’t hold back. Personally, I expected that Rick would find Lori’s remains and be able to say his good-byes, then bury her remains outside, but he’s not allowed to do that. And, Carl shot Lori so that she wouldn’t turn, but in the end she ended up being eaten by a zombie in what may be the grosses case of “Eat, or be eaten” ever in the history of digestion.
I think that one thing this does is resolve any theories that Carl somehow didn’t shoot Lori, or that she was really still alive somewhere. Well, without a doubt she is a goner.
I guess I didn’t realize that zombies were so...thorough.
#4 - Maggie and Daryl go on a “Milk Run” - Okay, so they were really looking for baby formula. The good news is that they found some powdered formula, plus “dinner.” I was so thinking that they were going to encounter at least one zombie in the daycare, but I was glad that they didn’t run into any big problems. Will they be coming back for one of the cribs? I think that in future episodes, there will just be one of the same cribs inside the prison, because they will have gone back to the daycare with a bigger vehicle to collect some of the furniture that is going unused. And, maybe a couple of the swings too?
#5 - Get the phone? - I haven’t seen anybody so spooked by the sound of a phone since I last watched the movie “The Ring.” At first, I thought it was Carl calling him with the intercom hoping to talk his dad into coming back outside, but that seemed stupid. But, at the same time it just doesn’t seem possible for someone else to know that Rick was in the room exactly at that moment.
You know what, I am betting right now that the next episode will reveal that it was either a wrong number or a call from a telemarketer offering to sell Rick zombie insurance.
Do you have favorite or least favorite scenes from this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead?” Share your thoughts in the comments.

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