So Many Things We Should've Done

Out of those eleven girls, I had class with only about six of them. I began to drift from the girls who I didn’t share much time with, and I tried so hard to keep everything together. But as I drift away from some, I became closer with others. We talked more of the troubles facing us, but only with two or three of our group. So not everyone knew everything, and I stupidly assumed that because I had someone to share my troubles with, so did everyone else. But that wasn’t the case.

You see, in my group of friends we all had a friend or two that we’re closer to than the rest. I was lucky enough to have three girls as my absolute best friends. Their absence would be the first I’d notice, and their in-jokes were the ones I’d share. So it slipped my radar that one of my other close friends had been absent for a while, and it seemed as though everyone else didn’t really notice either.

To tell the truth, we did notice her absence; we were not such terrible friends. But apart from a few questions of concern posed to each other, we didn’t chase up the cause like we should have. We all stupidly assumed that she was home sick with a cold, or out on a sporting event. And we didn’t bring up the subject of her absence on those rare days that she did come. Thinking back to it, there were so many things we should’ve done. So many things I should have done.

This friend of mine, Winifred, is not an extroverted girl. She’s the type to keep her worries close to her heart, so that she wouldn’t have to trouble anyone with them. She’s an amazing girl, so smart, so talented, so beautiful. And ever so thoughtful and caring. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else like her, and I don’t think I ever will. She is that special.

But as something of an introvert, she did not share as much of her story with us. And so we didn’t know her as well as we knew each other. Out of the eleven of us, she only opened up a little more to one girl. But as year eleven went on, Wini closed herself up more and more. Until her best friend, Fiona, scarcely knew her troubles anymore.

And still, none of us did a thing.

The End

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