Princess Liluye 3

This time, I dreamed I was a hawk. I could see my brothers and sisters, living on their busy lives, I could see the whole prairie from so far above in the sky. I kept flying until I reached the oak tree and sat on its branch and attentively, I saw what I thought impossible. It was me, laying my head on great mother's lap. I was surrounded by this little wooden beings that we called sprites, the spirits of the forest. As I sat there , stupefied, I focused my eagle eyes and took a good look at them. They were small with their wooden bodies shaped like a tear drop with a little leaf on their head.

They seemed like if they were dancing, some had little sticks, other had leaves, some even had flowers, which they threw at me and fell slowly and tenderly on my resting cheek. There was one sprite that seemed like the chief. He was bigger than the others and had several leaves on its head, he had a little, slim stick which he seemed to use as a wand. After a little more chanting and dancing, the chief jumped and slowly, as if he were floating, landed on my shoulder.

I couldn't hear what the sprite chief said, but I could see that he moved around his wand and pointed at my forehead, where a little mark appeared. Then, they all scattered and disappeared as they all jumped into the oak tree. I looked up to great mother's face, which with a smile filled with serenity, looked into mine. I felt as her naked gaze pierced right through me, and then all went black.

Next thing I know, I'm hearing great mother's lullaby with the wind stroking my flowing hair as I woke up from my deep, peaceful slumber.

The End

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