Princess Liluye 2

I opened my eyes rapidly, as I felt a shiver go up my spine and the cold winter breeze caressed my skin. I felt dazed, what was that?, if it was a dream, why did I feel so terrified of what I had seen?. I focused and started to observe. I could smell the fresh dew mixed with the skins that protected me from the cold winter nights and served as my home. I could hear the happy voice of the children, and the clash of their wooden sticks as they played warriors alongside their tamed dogs. I also smelled the fresh odor of the pine trees that surrounded the camp, this also meant that the forest spirits were near and brought good luck.

It took me a couple of seconds to get my eyes used to the light of the day, I looked carefully to the pile of burnt wood that would have been the bonfire we used at nights to protect us from the animals that roamed in the night. I dizzily stood up and stumbled to where the bonfire was.

I was worried, for I could not bring myself to such nightmare. I ran across the camp to a huge Oak tree where great mother sat under it's shadow. She sat there silently as if she were speaking with things that were not there. What does she see?, I wondered, and as I came closer I felt a sudden peace and, just for an instant I saw a little wooden sprite. Then, forgetting my purpose I lay down on great mother's lap, closed my eyes to the sound of the tree's lullaby and fell into a deep sleep that gave me much more rest than the one I had just woken up from.


The End

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