Short about a hunt.

She was beautiful. Her elegant fur coat, shimmering in the moonlight. With each step it moved smoothly and softly to accent her limbs. She quietly stalked towards her prey, an oblivious and sleeping gazelle. As she got closer her maw salivated with hunger, the smell of the meal ahead, stimulating instinctive reflexes. It would not be long now before her hunger was sated once more.

Less than three metres away from her prey, her muscles contracted and her legs were bent, like springs, about to burst with the energy flowing through them.

It took but a split second for the attack to begin and ended just as quickly. A strong pounce on the gazelle and her powerful jaws broke it's neck almost instantly. She raised her head slowly, cautiously, and the red liquid around her mouth shone brilliantly. Small drops falling from her muzzle landed silently on the carcass. She gorged herself on her feast until only bones were left. She stood up once more, now finished in her hunt, and licked the blood from her fur with a long and rough tongue. Her eyes glittered as she looked directly towards me. A piercing gaze which said I should not have been there.

It was a full moon, the night I watched as the object of my obsession hunted her prey. Would I be next?

The End

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