something inspired by my new favourite band La roux.

Pressure. Pushing down on the hearts of all those who are hurt in the world. But we just need some love to help us get back in to our normal everyday lives.

We make our lives what we want, we are in control. No one can tell you what to do. If you don't like it, and it doesn't make you happy, you can always find a way out because it's your life.

You don't have to reach any final result. Letting yourself leave this world is not going to help anyone, and it will just cause more pain and suffering in the world that we don't need.

Some people believe one thing, others believe different, but no one can ever force you away from what you truly feel inside of you. use your head, but also your heart. Without both, you are not really making the decision, because when you make a statement or fight for something, or maybe even like a different type of music to everyone else, if not all of you believes in what you are saying, then you can be easily swayed.

And if you are easily swayed then you are weak in your beliefs and just want to fit in. Agreeing with someone about something that you are not really happy about is just like agreeing that the uniform of your school is great, or that the boss making you dress up like a chicken for work is the best idea ever.

Live your own life, not somebody elses. 

The End

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