"Prayer Chain"

I stood up a moment later. I can't remember exactly what the question was but it fitted me. Yes--that was right. That was me. I stood up. Bekah and Rachel (was it Rachel? I can't remember very clearly) prayed for me.

And I felt it. There--the sensation of prayer. I could feel myself as though I was the link in a huge chain, reaching from us to God. And that chain was trembling. The whispered words of the prayer set it off until it was glowing white-hot, trembling and shaking until the entire thing was rocking from side to side.

Terrified, I almost broke away, but I didn't. I needed this prayer, though not particularly for what I had stood up for. I needed it because I needed to feel this sensation, to know that something was happening.

Minutes later they finished and I sat down. But there was a tingling, jittery sensation at the base of my spine. This spread, until I was physically shaking. I tried to hold my hands still but they trembled.

I should explain that it wasn't one of these events where people start rolling around on the floor and the preacher calmly tells frightened newbies that it is the 'Holy Spirit'. Maybe it was the Spirit but I wasn't rolling around. I was just trembling a bit.

But I walked to the door at the end of the evening. "Bekah?" I asked. "Did you feel something? Like it was all a chain and you were just a link in something big, something far more huge than you could ever imagine?"

She shook her head, dashing my hopes. So I was crazy. "No," she told me. "Nothing."

Discouraged, I walked with her out into the Skyline, and towards the Boardwalk. "I'm shaking," I told her quietly. She looked at me for a second and then away. I don't know what she was thinking.

We reached the end of the Boardwalk and were about to part. "Bekah?" I asked.


"Can I have a hug?" I don't know if she wanted a hug but she gave me one. We hugged tightly for about half a minute, then broke apart. "I'll see you later."

"Yeah." I walked off down the path towards the swimming pool. She was still watching me.

The End

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