I sincerely believe that the more we learn to appreciate the good qualities in others, we’ll find less and less of their negative characters to blame. What we criticize about others is often a reflection of our thoughts and values.

Nobody is perfect – not you, not me, in fact, none of us! I, you, all of us have our own share of faults. The admirable character traits seen in each of us are our virtues and their opposites are obviously our vices.

I am sure that we as teenagers at some point or other in our lives have felt worthless. And at such times, we get so upset, so disturbed that a lot of us often resolve to drastic measures. But at this point of time, just imagine if someone actually came and appreciated something about you; you feel so enlightened, so confident and feel that your life has a purpose after all. An important lesson that all of us must learn in life is that no matter how small it is, learn to praise the good qualities in people. But then, again, of course, don’t let it go over their heads. At the same time, you must let them know about it.

In this context, I would like to refer to a small anecdote:-
When you dig for gold, it is never that you find pure gold in the first strike. You have to dig out a large amount of dirt, mud, etc. and finally after a long time and a lot of attempt, you strike the gold. But, no matter what, the gold you take out is worth all the effort. It is the same when you judge others. Dig out the external vices look deep into their souls and find the goodness in them and then, encourage and promote it.

I know it’s not easy. It’s not easy because of our so called “pride” and ego. It’s of course difficult. But overcoming these difficulties and showing out the feelings of our hear is what actually makes us humans. That’s what God meant and intended when he made the human race!

The sin of judging others is found to be very prevalent in human actions self-praise and condemnation of others are the most common character seen amongst us and this is nothing, but the result of diabolic temptation and suggestion. Not judging others is salvation without effort.

As the great Chinese philosopher Confucious once said “The nobler sort of man emphasizes the good qualities in others and does not accentuate the bad!”

The End

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