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 The Valverin invented a great creation, known as the warp gate, it could teleport someone to another warp gate anywhere in milliseconds. They put one on Earth, so they could go to Alavachi, and more research could be done on their planet.

The humans get an emergency call from Grashawk, saying that Alavachi is under attack and they need assistance. The heroes get there as soon as possible only to find their cities in ruin, there are still many Valverin survivors though. They walk about the streets looking for other survivors and they see a Ythillin fighting Grashawk. Grashawk tells them to leave but they dont. But for some reason they cannot go and help him. They watch a Ythillin, who looked quite important, walk up to him and fight him. He quickly defeats Grashawk, he was a brilliant fighter who depended greatly on counter attacks. He then got out a sickle, and cut Grashawks throat. The Ythillin escape and the heroes mourn Grashawk with the rest of the Valverin population, they later found out that they couldn't’t help Grashawk because of a psychic barrier that was formed by the Ythillin that was fighting him, the leader has been known to have psychic powers.

Back at earth Emily and Nadia did some research on these mysterious jackal men, and only find Egyptian history. But then they take a close look, the God of Death, Anubis, looked a lot like the one who killed Grashawk. Unconvinced it was a god that did it, they carried on looking, but found nothing. Even on the USA's databases. They had no choice but to believe it was Anubis, it was the closest thing they had. Emily tried tracking some engine residue but they got nothing. These jackal men truly were mysterious.

Months later, Alavachi was under attack again, but the Valverin told the humans to wait outside the planet and follow their ships. The Ythillin underestimated the Valverins strength when it comes to revenge, and were pushed back swiftly. The heroes put their ship on cloak, and followed the Ythillins ships. Even the Ythillin ships had looked like they were build like Egyptian architecture. They followed them for a while, and find a dune planet, the Ythillin land on there. The heroes follow them on.

The planet looks alot like a bigger scale of Egypt, and the planet was called Yerall-Ginnus II.

The heroes went back with this information, got whatever available troops they could and attacked the Ythillins planet. The defenses weren't the best and they soon conquer the planet. They hold it for a while, but more Ythillin reinforcements come, and push them off the planet. Looks like they would need a much better attack strategy. The heroes then infiltrate their planet, and access their databases, it wasnt easy, and there was a few problems. But they eventually get the job done. After emily hacks their database and gets information on them, an alarm goes off and many Ythillin guards come. They defeat the guards and escape the planet before anymore come.

The End

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