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 They then soon find her on a planet by luck, Emily was out on an expedition, and they found some caves. They found Vlacknos eggs. They go back to Earth and alert them of this, and the humans go to that planet and go to kill them all. Little do they know that the Vlacknos, now that they are not a slave race have evolved and are much bigger and stronger. Their carapace is thicker and they are brave and hardy. It takes many attempts to get to the queen, the heroes are the only ones alive when they get to the queen. But they luckily get some Valverin reinforcements who help them kill the queen and then all the threats to the human and Valverin races have been destroyed.

The Humans and Valverin form a permanent alliance, and they share information, battle plans, and they help each other where possible. The universe is it peace. But for how long?

The humans go back to Earth and the Valverin back to Alavachi. Years go by...

The End

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