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 With the pirates out of the way, they decide to finally attack the USA main spacestation. But they do not know its location, but they do know where their homeplanet is, and if anything, the homeplanet will have the location of the spacestation.

The humans invade their home planet (Pallon) with the help of the Valverin and they hack onto the computers and find out its location, then the spacestation uncloaks and fires at their location, many men die but the heroes get out alive along with some other men. With the data in hand they get back to Earth and get an elite task force to attempt to destroy the USA once and for all. They destroy the space station, but the leader gets away, and manages to gather up more soldiers, the Vlacknos queen Virichali survives, infact all of the leaders survive except Raggorek (Leader of the Pethora), who died protecting Tyiali.

So all the leaders of the races gather up more of their species to join their army and a new Pethora leader is made. The Earth forces, thinking they have won, will find a massive fleet heading towards Earth. At first it is just the ships destroying their buildings and killing people, then they land and the soldiers come out to take prisoners. The heroes with the military manages to put up a fight, but they still failed miserably, until many Valverin ships come into orbit, and help out the heroes. So the remaining USA are fleeing in their ships and a cloaked scout finds out that they are hiding on a planets moon called Yarik. So at a last attempt to destroy the USA threat they attack Yarik, and many lives are lost. The Intelli senate escapes but Tyiali dies, along with Olganrikk , Issen, Valiera  and Nial. The Vlacknos queen escapes also, but not with the senate. Her location is unknown.

So now they are stuck between the choice of killing the Vlacknos queen or killing the senate, the Vlacknos queen could make an army within a day or two, risking the lives of many, but the senate are diplomats, they could form an alliance with many races, and form a new USA. With those thoughts they hunt down the senate. They go back home and prepare, and get more men to be ready for the adventure. They begin the search, and it takes many days to find a trace of them. Then Emily goes back to Yarik, and sees engine residue from the ship the senate escaped from. So they follow it and see that they have landed on a nearby planet to where they flew away, and on that planet was thousands and thousands a soldiers, so they decide to quickly dispose of the senators. The heroes try to sneak into their sleeping chambers and assassinating them. But they are detected on the way out and are attacked, so the troops that they had before they started came in as reinforcements and there are many casualties, Tiffany helps as many as she can instead of being in the action. When the enemies numbers had diminished enough, they surrender. The humans destroy any means of escape for them and leave.

Then the hunt for the Vlacknos queen had began.

The End

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