Vlacknos are the slave race, all they do is work when not at war. They are poorly trained for combat and still are sent to war. They are insectoid type creatures, they walk on 6 legs and are small, they are not very agile or strong. They can be just about any colour, and they can have a variety of patterns on their bodies. Normally the leader of a squad of these units are either black, or one of the leader race. Since this race are like spiders they are born from eggs, from a queen. So they are mass born, and atleast 500 are born every hour. Their jobs include delievering weapons and provisions to the other races, or just doing errands for the Intelli. Their queen is called Virichali.

Their home planet was destroyed by the Dreadnoughts, so the USA brought them in at their weak state to use as slaves and warriors, since they are in no position to rebel they work for the USA and do as they ask.

The End

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