Viggor-Mehti are the leader race, they are just the normal middle class people of the USA, normally found commanding a bunch of the slave units. They are a intelligent race, and are valiant to the very end. They would die protecting their leader. They are lizards, they have 4 legs and move very quick. They normally walk on all fours in combat so they can get to the enemy quickly, but sometimes they will stand up and use a weapon and fight with their squad. Their colours are also various, and they can be found in many. They wear a light armour which is standard issue for their race. Their leader is called Valiera.

They come from a planet called Hyperius Gamma, and so do their lesser race the Viggor-Menti. Hyperius Gamma is close to the sun of their solar system and is covered in lava, but because of their adaptions they can withstand the hottest of climates.

The End

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