Pethora are the next level down from the Intelli, they are known as the elite of the elite, they are strong and agile. They look like walking crocodiles, their skin is rough and is green, it isnt normally any other colour just different shades of green. Most of them are the guards of the noble race, as Pethora are thought of as the strongest of all 6 races. They wear special armour which is a red colour and covers the entire body and face. They are not quick to temper but they would kill one of their own if their duty should say. Their warcheif is called Raggorek.

They originate from a planet called Untulin II which is a swamp planet, and is a great source of Argentinium, which is used to make blades for the USA. Secretly that was the only reason the USA are allied with the Pethora. But their loyalty and strengths later gave the USA an even better reason to trust them.

The End

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