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 The USA own many spacestations throughout the universe, and they are known as the most powerful force in the entire universe. Their main base is a spacestation that is stationed near their homeplanet, it is there for reasons such as their home planet being attacked or something. Their main spacestation is armed to the teeth with anti-air defenses, not only that but in the indoor courtyard has more defenses for anti-tank or just anti-vehicle and then on the inside there is more turrets that are anti-infantry. The main space station is built like a tower, and the leader Intelli sits on his throne on the top floor. The walls around the top floor are thicker so trying to kill him that way is alot harder. Not only that but there is alot more AA the higher up the station you go. Once you get past the first line of defences (AA) you will land on the landing pads. Then you will go through a large airlock and into an indoor courtyard, and that is where the AT defences are. But then the doors into the station are too small to let the vehicles in, and the material the space station is made of cannot be destroyed by simple weapons. Once inside there will be roof turrets and wall turrets that are light armour peircing and can quickly dispatch of foot infantry. If they get past there, there are 3 sections. Three doors, a left, right and middle. The left door leads to the Vlacknos dwelling and breeding centres and so does the right, since the Vlacknos are the lowest ranks they get the bottom of the spacestation, and since the spacestation wasnt made for civilian living there isnt really any homes. The center door leads you to the throne room, but there are many long twisting corridors that are heavily defended. Not only that but there are 15 floors, each one more defended than the other. The throne room is full of traps that are turned on and off, they are turned on automatically when the alarms are set off, and any foreign races that are unknown to the traps scanner will be its victim. Traps are such as falling into a pit of liquid Hyraxx, which would dissolve whoever falls in quickly and painfully. Others are such as Argentinium blade traps and the infamous closing in walls.

The End

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