The USA use certain weapons that are stronger that human weapons in someways, and weaker in others. They do not use lead bullets instead they use their own elemented projectile. They use two materials for their weapons, Argentinium for melee weapons and Hyraxx, which is a heat charged bolt of energy that is either green, purple or yellow depending on the strength of the charge. The order of strength is yellow then green then purple.

Their weapons have a roman numeral next to them which shows what level its at, higher levels are usually better, but some normally aren’t. Rocket launchers on the other hand, use a special solid which is similar to Hyraxx, its called Ryionus, it is a red substance which when it explodes and it also releases a poisonous gas, which is lethal to most races. It loses its strength when it has to travel longer distances as it reacts with the air. It has a sister substance known as Ryionussi, which is stronger and is known to be found in the more slower fire rocket launchers. But they are able to track heat signatures and follow them. (heat seeker) The sniper rifles shoot a more concentrated shot of Hyraxx, they always have the red charge, but they never have alot of ammo, they always have to carry the Hyraxx in a container, and most of them can only have 5 shots. But more than one container is carried.

Shotguns also always have a red charge, and mainly uses Hyraxx, but it has also been mixed with some Ryionus. So the longer the distance the weaker it is, also it has a splitting effect, further levels increase accuracy.

The End

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