Pirate Clans

 The Scarlet Hammer Clan
The Scarlet Hammer is the leader clan, and they were the first ever pirate clan. They go for the most violent possible ways when it comes to looting, the kill all in their way regardless if they are outnumbered, outgunned etc. The founder is a Nurithi. A Nurithi are thought to be an extinct race, but the leader of The Scarlet Hammer is the last of their kind. His name is Reavarin. The clan itself is a mixture of many races, such as the Lythuanians and Gryllins.


The Black Arrow Clan
The Black Arrows prefer to use speed as a tactic in their looting. Such as run in and take what you can and leave before anyone notices. But should a fight occur they normally would go for a speedy assault on their ship, dodging bullets using expert manueveration and shooting at them. But they would know if it is a battle which is unwinnable. Their leader is a Lythuanian call Purgill. Their crews are Lythuanian, Gryllins and Jath'Karr.


The Rising Dawn Clan
The Rising Dawn are the tacticians, they use techniques such as boarding and flanks. If they know they cannot win, they will retreat and try to find a way where they can win, then they will attack them with an ambush. Or if they find that they cannot win, then they flee until they loose them. Their leader is a Jath'Karr called Titanclaw. The clan is mainly made up of Jath'Karr, Pythugs and Loupin'Ati.


The Forsaken Ones
This is the three pirate clans that formed up another clan after the downfall of the previous three, all the survivors of the other three clans are now under one banner, they take what they want, how they want, whenever they want. They quickly become recognized after their formation as they started to attack planets instead of ships. They take slaves and they become one of them to save their own lives

The End

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