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 They attack the nearby spacestation that watches over their planet, with a few losses, but they soon are triumphant. The Valverin celebrate this victory with the heroes. But deep inside Grashawks conscience, he wants to destroy the USA, little did he know, that is what the entire population of the planet wanted and so soon a army was made out of pure hatred for the USA. They were going to attack their leader, it wasnt going to be easy but their determination got rid of their fear.

The heroes went onto Alavachi's moon because Emily and Nadia wanted samples of all nearby planets, but they would only go onto Alavachi's moon, Aryllgi. On that moon they are attacked by pirates again, they then follow the pirates back to where they came from, and it is a captured USA space station with the Black Arrow emblem on the side. They get the help of the Valverin to destroy the space station, so they get onto the station and gather the locations of all three space stations. The find out the location of the Rising Dawn, a space station quite close by to the one they were in. Upon finding this information the leader of the Black Arrow finds them (Purgill) with the remaining pirates of the Black Arrow. When they finally kill Purgill, they rest until going for the Rising Dawns station. With the USA doing nothing to Alavachi or the Valverin, they left them alone for abit, until the pirate threat was done with. The Rising Dawn was a hard task, they were attacked from all sides and many ships were destroyed, and when they actually got onto the station they were ambushed in numerous places. Eventually, One of the herpes falls into a pit and has a 1 on 1 with Titanclaw. Titanclaw nearly beats the hero, but using their power they manage to catch Titanclaw off guard and find a Argentinium blade on the corpse of a Pethora, slicing Titanclaws throat.

When they recuperate the hero who fought Titanclaws wounds, they gather their strength and numbers and go for the Scarlet Hammer, they knew it wouldn’t be easy, since they are the leader clan. When they get there, they see that it is undefended, they approach cautiously as they suspect an ambush, they land onto the station, and go inside. They notice it is empty. They access the stations terminal and a voice message of Reavarin comes on. A message plays and then a self destruct sequence activates. The heroes manage to get out in time but many Valverin die. As the remaining survivors get out of the station they are attacked by the Scarlet Hammer. All Valverin ships are destroyed (Grashawk isnt part of the assault) and their ship is boarded by alot of pirates. They shoot down Reavarins ship, and he crash lands on a jungle planet, on there they are fighting him, and since Nurithi is an intelligent race, he is a very strategical man. Eventually they turn the tables and turn his tricks against him. When they find out that he is the last of his kind Emily refuses to let them kill him, whilst they are distracted Reavarin runs away, and they don’t pursue him.

The End

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