They are as their name states, they fear absolutely nothing, and for good reason. They are unbelievably powerful, they are an incredibly intelligent race and they have super-powerful weaponry, their handguns could practically be as strong as a human nuke. But this power comes with a downside, there isnt alot of them. But it mainly takes an entire solar system to take just one down, and they don’t normally hunt alone. The Dreadnoughts are like dragons, they have the scales the wings and the fire breath. They can stand on their hind legs and shoot a weapon, but they prefer mostly fight bare handed on all fours, or to destroy them from their ships. A Dreadnought ships crew contains a Dreadnought and a crew of enslaved Jath'Karr. A Dreadnoughts skin can be any colour, but they mainly appear black or dark red. Their eyes are a intimidating black with a red pupil and just looking into could instill fear in the bravest of fighters. Nobody knows where they came from, some believe they are from an alternate universe who came here to dominate another galaxy. Their origin will remain unknown, they dont even have a home planet, their ships are mainly fueled by asteroids harvested by its mining beams. But if there isnt any asteroids they use one of the Jath'Karr slaves and throw them into the engine, that seems to be able to last the ship a week as it is easy to refuel.

The End

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