The Valverin live on Alavachi, which is a singular ice planet covered in mountains and snow, it is always snowing. There is only one ocean, that covers half the planet, the water is constantly moving therefore it is only semi-frozen. There is many ice adapted flora and fauna. Trees alot like evergreens are around, and there are many forests. The ice from the lakes is extracted and melted in buildings build outside the lake and that is how they get their water. They get their food by hunting, and people going into the forest and getting fruits and vegetables. The planet is quite small and there is atleast one building every square kilometer. The capital city is next to the ocean, and is one of the main sources of the planets water, the buildings there go up to 10 stories high and is the main military training grounds of the Valverin.

There is a type of ice there, called Frostmyrth which is a valuable trade resource for the planet and is used to make various items on other cold planets.

They get their leather from a sea mammal much like the seal called a Gilalpik.

The Valverin on this planet are wolves that can stand like humans, can talk in a different language and are capable of anything humans can do. They look like arctic wolves, yellow eyes and white fur. Apart from they are bigger, smarter and stronger. There is a wild animal on their planet known as a Killageth, it is like a wooly mammoth and a porcupine mixed together, they are killed and the spines are used as spearheads on the ends of their weapons for the spines are lethally venomous.

Frostmyrth is incredibly durable and doesn’t melt in high temperatures, it is used for their buildings and vehicles etc.

They have a strong military force, the leader is known as a war chief and is usually the brother of the Alpha Valverin. They wear armour made out of Frostmyrth that is coated with leather that is coloured silver to protect them from the immense cold, the silver leather gives the armour an almost radiant silver sheen and lines can be carved into the ice in runic symbols. Most of them are either their ancient language or a family marking. They wear leather around their waist like pleated kilts and often wear long cloaks to help protect them from the harsh weather with leather boots.

Their origin on that planet is that once they were taken there by the United Species Alliance (USA) as slaves to mine the Frostmyrth for them, but eventually the Valverin rebelled and managed to overthrow the USA, as they didn’t find them much of a threat they left them alone. Using the Frostmyrth they managed to make buildings and weapons, and eventually learned to survive on the planets harsh weather conditions. Generally, the race already had the resistance to cold before they first got onto the planet, as they were all captured on their real home planet, which was almost the same as the one they're on now. The USA blew up their home planet, and the Valverin were forced to watch.

After they expelled the USA, they left some of their space craft. The Valverin learned to drive the space craft and how to make it, after mining for iron in the Blue Mountains, they made some of their own to build a fleet.

The Valverin do not have television, so they made an arena. In this arena warrior Valverins were pitted against wildlife or other Valverins, but recent laws were made that makes pitting Valverin against each other illegal. Not only is the arena a place for entertainment but it is also for gambling.

The End

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