Pot Stirrer

just thought I'd write a rap today, it's pre short but here it is

I wanna tell you what I think

Knock you hard enough to make you blink

I’m ready ring the bell and ill fell you like in a medieval quell

But pull your socks up cus I spit rhymes and throw chimes like a maniac

Why don’t you play me some tracks and watch me trash talk you till your feeling the smack

Cus you’re a shame, Hannibal cane, pan handling fame, a melodramatic rat stuck in a dumbass trap can’t even speak long enough to get your life back

But naw I won’t give ya another break cus ill snap ya neck like a kit-kat

Lemme pick up a bat and show you that you’re just a lame ass act

But you betta keep your feet planted cus ill throw you off your podium throne

And you’ll have bruises and black eyes bigger than Mother Theresa’s nose

So you’ll have to keep a good pose so you don’t lose your well positioned noose made outta chrome

But lemme think you’ll be pretty poor so get ready to be mugged until you’re too sore to care anymore

And while you’re at it don’t show your face anywhere or ill crack a bottle over it and send you to the ground where you’ll stay until your bones decay and can be displayed as part of my décor 

The End

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