Post Number 666: A Dedication To My Protagonize-Friends

Dear Protagonize-friends,

This is my 666th post on Protagonize, one of my lucky numbers (along with 13, 15, 34, 750 and 26) so I decided that it would at least mean something to me. This post is a dedication to all of you who have read my pieces of writing, or who have written something that I have enjoyed reading. Thank you all! The following contains a short dedication to some of my favourite writers, in no particular order.


Dear MorriganAoife:

Firstly, you are both an amazing author and an amazing critic. You are never too harsh and always critique and rate fairly, which I am so grateful for. Also, thank you for replying to so many of the topics in 'Character Compassion.' I enjoyed every one of your works that I read, and I will be reading more in the near future!


Dear WitherFromDivide:

I think you are one of the authors who has influenced me the most on Protagonize, so thank you so much. Your writing makes me think, and it never fails to impress me. Your poem '...Hurt me, bend me, break me gently...' was one of the only pieces of writing to make me cry. Poems like 'This Void" are so haunting that I had to keep reading back over them, because they're like a drug.


Dear DaveDaweed

Your lyrics are as great, if not better, than something like what Metallica or Slipknot would write. Every single one of your pieces of writing has been worth no less than a five. Your songs have made me both happy and sad, often at the same time! And you've always read my works, thanks so much.


Dear Trish

I think you were the first person to read one of my poems on Protagonize! You were also my first friend on here, and commented on lots of my works. Thank you for always being really nice to me! =)


Dear GabrielBlackLightning:

Firstly, your works such as "Dawn In Paradise" are AMAZING! Secondly, I recently read on your profile that you also think Twilight is stupid, which is very true. You read quite a few of my works, and actually endured the rantings that I've posted here, so thank you!


This was the first part of 'the dedications.' The second part will be uploaded soon, for now, thank you to all the aforementioned authors, more will be mentioned soon!







The End

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