"Enemy forces have captured another CP."

"We can't afford to keep losing men like this!"

VIKI looked around him, and that was when he realised: he was the only one left. He knew it would end badly, when the Empire attacked Naboo. They just kept coming back to Naboo, like they wouldn't stop until they'd taken it. VIKI knew he had to teach them a lesson, and despite being the only Rebel left, that wouldn't stop him.

He ran to CP 3, the only Rebel CP left, and waited. Looking into the right-hand corner of the sky, he noticed that there were still 50+ Stormtroopers left. Shit.

But he waited. He went over to the Medical droid and the Ammo droid, refilling so that he was ready.

And then they came. But here's the thing, they came in only 1-2 troopers at a time. VIKI was a seargeant at the time, and could probably have fought off 4 at a time, should he have needed to. But he didn't. And slowly, he was able to lower the number to 10.

Right, only 10 left? VIKI decided he should capture the enemy CP's, and put an end to this attack. As he went to the other CP's, he saw some of the Empire who had been too afraid to come attack him, and he defeated them. He eventually captured 4 out of 6 CP's, before they started to take some of them back. Then he noticed they had a AT-ST. Shit.

But it was okay, because he just got out his missile launcher and defeated it, killing the last of the stormtroopers!


That's right bitches, VIKI was on Naboo for 23 minutes with all his other men dead, but he still won.

Then of course irl Viki's brother accidentally saved over VIKI's game file, replacing this heroic adventure with a new, inexperienced private. irl Viki was not too impressed.


tl;dr : I should stop playing old video games I found and start doing some more revision!

The End

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