Of Indian politics and its image of being a dirty game.

Adam Smith once said, “What can be added to the happiness of a man who is in health, out of debt, and has a clear conscience?” Well, nothing. But where will you find a man like that? Can such a man exist in the first place? Or rather, is he allowed to exist?

Men have formed their environment in such a way that finding someone who is fully content with himself and the world is like building a castle in the sky. I reckon if men are part of a society, they should collectively work for and with each other, and make every effort to attain betterment. But the sad part is, just a few men are involved in the act of policy making which unfortunately the rest of us have to follow. These few men, become modulators of our lives. Whatever they do has a direct implication on what we do and the way we do it.

Today, I can’t get a job in a government organisation even with good credentials but a man with a privileged caste or class can easily land a job with almost no qualification or know how. My grudge is not against this man but the men who are responsible for making such laws. These laws were meaningful decades ago and were supposed to have been written off the constitution. Instead, our policy makers have twisted and turned these laws to ensure that they have iniquitous control over the masses.

These men are called politicians, not revolutionaries or reformers but politicians and India has no dearth of them. The only trouble is that none of these politicians really give two hoots about the country and are only concerned about what car they arrive in and how many schools get named after them. Our politicians either have their heads stuck up in the air or prostrating at somebody's feet, nothing in between. For this bunch of hypocrites, dignity means owning swanky cars and calling ‘bandhs’. What these dimwits fail to understand is that dignity does not consist in possessing reputation, but in deserving it. The head of India's election commission has described the country's politicians as poorly educated, impolite cheats. I fully agree.

Rahul Gandhi for example, not that I hate him the most, has declared his assets to be around 1 crore and also said that he doesn’t own a car. How is that possible when he has a go-kart track built in his backyard?  These politicians take us for fools. Almost every politician asking for your vote today has some criminal case filed against him somewhere or the other. Even if they don’t, I bet their reputation isn’t all that good either. These are the very people who promise to serve the poor and end up with crores in their bank accounts.

People tell me, why don’t you do something about it? I tell them, what am I supposed to do, choose one fraud over the other? There is no solution to the political problem in India. Filthy politics has become a deep-rooted part of our culture and knowingly or unknowingly, each one of us is trapped in this net of corruption and lies. But then, I hope one day these swindlers pay the price for their dishonesty. Afterall, once the game is over, the king and pawns go into the same box and similarly, these politicians too will be judged before a supreme power like everyone else. Their expensive cars can only drop these guys to the gate of heaven, from then on; they will have to walk on foot, just like you, me and everyone else.

The End

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