Pointless RamblingsMature

no one should read this- its so pointless it kind of hurts :3

I swear I always feel like writing at the weirdest moments /.\ Gah, I should be doing homework, but honestly social and political movements are NOT helping me deal with the heavy shit i have to get through- which is the polite way of me saying " man,fuck this shit." :P 

i don't really have anything to write about,but i have this aching desire to write something. its kinda crazy. like, i have no motivation or inspiration, but still my fingers crave to create something. it's such a cool thought to me. almost as if writing is nearly involuntary- like breathing or blinking, just on a lesser level....

i really should be doing that homework. but every time i start reading any of those articles my brain shuts down and i sit there staring at the screen, just kinda hoping something interesting will happen- like i dunno unicorns frolicking through fields of carnivorous daisies... ( i actually picture that a lot in my mind...maybe i should see a doctor about that???) not like it really matters, everyone knows im friggin insane... 

welp, this just wasted a good ten minutes- i think im gonna go star gazing. hot coco and blankets...oh, i cant wait for the day when i have someone to star gaze with /.\ but thats a pointless writing exercise for another time :P ( i honestly dont know) 

The End

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