Poetry Journal

This is a poetry notebook that will trail work from beginning to end and I hope that young/new poets might get something from it - sometimes just to see how other writers work is an eye-opener with a great learning curve.

Protagonize is such a fantastic place to live and I’m sorry I haven’t been here much this last year. I think the last time I prowled these corridors it was full of young people from another site that had closed down so it was too noisy for me and I ran to the peace and quiet of Litopia.

I’m back now and buzzed with the possibility of new poetry; there is no real poetry at Litopia and I need poetic inspiration and real feedback including brutal critiques. So this journal is about poetry devised and created, shaped and shifted on Protagonize. I’ll begin with the poem I wrote for the final of the X-Factor Poetry Tournament here: http://www.protagonize.com/poem/poetry-xfactor-final/144234

I kept notes throughout and think they might be useful to other poets, to see how the prompt worked on me, my thought processes and the tangents I scrambled down. As I write this, Rac7hel and I await the voting results!!!

The End

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