Stargaze, our Gaze.

Why are we enamoured by the heavens?
Is it because it is from there that we once
Or did we even fall?
Isn't falling just like jumping,
told from another's perspective?
And the stars, when we say they fall on us,
do they really just glide somewhere else?
Do they watch us, as we watch
Do they name our groups as we name theirs?
As they fly and flutter, do they dream? Aspire?
Have they form? Do they see themselves shimmer and sway?
Do they see the twinkle in our eyes
when we see them, an echo of the twinkle of their being?
Do they consider the heavens their domain?
Or do they feel themselves beyond it? Or it
beyond them?
Do they see things on a different scale?
Do they see at all?
Do we?

The End

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