Will We Be the First Ones?

Long after the deaths of you and I and our children,
after the Great War and all our ridiculous misunderstandings,
when the world has been united for as long as anyone remembers,
and the people read the books we typed way back when typing was worth our time,
and they fantasize about life as we knew it,
and wonder how they managed to survive all the inevitable disasters about which we were always fretting;
as their dying planet traverses the spiral around their fading sun,
will they all be working together,
such as we now could never imagine,
trying to find another place as beautiful as this one was,
and a safe and expedient method of transit from this world to the next,
so that they and all their beloved species of secondary life
can depart upon their exodus to start anew and begin to do
one great thing that no society of cells has ever done,
as far as I know?

The End

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