Hide and Seek

Where has the devil got to?
Is he 'round here?
And how long will I search this time?
Are you far or are you near?

When I closed my eyes and counted,
which way did you run?
Upstairs and under the bed?
Or somewhere else more fun?

Are those your soft laughs I hear,
coming from outside?
Was it to the garden you took,
for a place to hide?

If I creep along the grass,
do you think you'll hear me?
Do you hold your breath right now,
crouching behind that tree?

Do you know how sweet you are,
as I swing you in the air?
And do you know that each day,
for you, I give a prayer?

Are you tired yet? Or hungry?
No? Did you have fun?
Are you ready for some more?
Another game, then, my son?

The End

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