Have You?

Note:  I wrote this poem of love and loss a very, very, very long time ago.  I found it again the other day and realised that it fits this ''story''.


Have you ever been so happy that you longed for time to stand still?

Have you ever gazed into someone's eyes and been so fascinated that you never wanted to look away?

Have you ever felt completely at one with someone and felt that it was meant to be like this?

Have you ever felt relaxed and nervous, happy and sad, all at the same time?

Have you ever recognised the pain in someone, of past hurts, and the fear of exposing old wounds, and known it so well because it mirrored your own?

Have you ever felt for someone, deep within your soul?

Have you ever wanted to hold someone close; tell them how special they are, and protect them for all time?

Have you ever felt that someone's soul was so perfectly in tune with yours that they were chosen for you by heaven?

Have you ever loved someone with all your heart?


Have you ever parted from someone, and felt that your heart was being torn slowly in two?

Have you ever been so lonely and empty that you prayed for the pain to stop?

Have you ever spoken to someone and heard the bored disinterest in their voice?

Have you ever felt hope slowly slipping away, and grasped at straws to try and make it return?

Have you ever seen your dreams dashed against the rocks of reality?

Have you ever wished you could forget, but wanted to hold on the the memories?

Have you ever known it was time to let go, but wanted someone to know that you'll always love them?

Have you ever wanted someone's happiness more than your own?

The End

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