Poetry in Question


Why do I care?

Why do I worry -

When you did not hesitate

To drop me in a hurry?


Why are you doing this?

You think I'm unobservant?

Did you think I'd ever be

Your faithful, doting servant?


Why did you offer

If you didn't mean it?

Were you a fake?

And should I have seen it?


What was the point

Of those silly meetings?

Why did I not ever sense

The falseness in your greetings?


Why don't you care?

Why treat me poorly?

What did I do so wrong

That now you just ignore me?


Am I a fool

To insist on hoping?

Is this the end?

Should I now stop moping?


Can we now go

Back to the beginning?

Why can I not ever rest

Unless it's me who's winning?


Does the cap fit?

Do you dare to wear it?

And will I regret the day

I ever chose to share it?

The End

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