Synopsis of A Life

After a hot summer day
a rare hazel afternoon -
after all works are done
I'm standing at my balcony
in a sweet darkness...
touch of a calm breeze
like the bliss of my loneliness.
A desperate wish deep in my mind
to smell the first rose of love
at the advent of young life...
an euphoric feeling in my heart
with an another day's light.

every little thing - sweet and beautiful
want them to catch in my eyes
cause all the good things come to an end
as soon as we try to grab it forever!
I know as I saw them once going away
leaving me heart broken in every way!

Something's dreamy, something's gloomy
Hoping for something good...
my eyes saw you coming,
just to hold me, to love me
only for once and for real.
pleasured feeling of tempered care,
Every dream with a scarlet glow...
just when I learned to feel these
an insane wind come and throw my soul
far away from life, into pieces!

As I'm no more able to stand up
the sleep fairy touches her wand on my eyes...
As nothing can be good for me,
it's just another dream of fairytale I see!
That's why I hate my life,
and my luck will surely let me
to stick to this harsh espouse!

I'm not calm anymore,
I can't sleep like this till the end...
thirsty, am I?...all left alone!
an inferno has been set within me
to destroy myself, to get freedom
and to escape from this Hell unknown!
But I know, alone without any help
I will cool it down n' be peaceful
till I reach my awaited tomb stone!

The End

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