A Day's Tale~

That wet day comes,
The wind blows so hard
Slaying the old leaves from trees.
Cloudy morn' and then windy rain
Make the whole of the day.
The darkness of daytime
Grabs the flow of thoughts inside.
Those teardrops n' raindrops
Are swayed together...
A piano sings an old song -
The forgotten dark angel comes out
From a deep, dank forest
To say hello to the God's child who plays!
The hasty water of the little river
Runs fast to catch the sea;
The chagrin feeling can't stop them now;
It's the time to rise up and move on.
And when the smell of wet mud
Spreads in the surrounding,
When the hazy lights enlighten the narrow bridge,
The evening comes and the Sun melts in sky;
They fall asleep in the smoky dream...
The beauty walks in the night,
The shadow floats in the shallow water.
The dark night hushes the nature...
And the lost souls find the way back home,
Who set out on the voyage of life decades ago.

The End

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