-After Tears-

Your bleeding heart gives me so pleasure
your bowed down down head makes me feel proud
and those tears in your eyes bring my joy!
Rude, revengeful, heartless -
U can call me those for sure
as now I let u to do so!
As u broke my heart and turned it to dust!
With our love my wishes were lost;
all because of u, just because of u
I cried every night, every lonely night,
because of u the beautiful rain turned to tears;
Because of u my lips got nothing left to say,
it was hard to breath and my life was so colorless!
But the Earth moves, so I moved on too,
with a broken soul inside,
All love, pain and feelings are long gone...
and I've become comfortably numb...
with dark thoughts and darker feelings...
so rude are my words; hard and shrill is my voice;
no more sweetness left to be sucked...
Now I'm alive like a stone,
I cry like a desert in summer...
And the weak is now you -
Regretting on all those u never said,
all those you ever did....
not letting a single breath to fall
and make me believe in your fake love!
And so I hate u more than one can say
or one can ever be hated,
And u made my heart so cruel, so sore
that I love all those that hurt u more n' more!

The End

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