In An Abstract Night

I need my voice, my lost words now
to break the silence of a hundred million years.
Look from my window pane...
Earth in midnight - and you'll find no streetlight!
In little place, thought extends,
an innocent mind - abstract, twisted...
a weak body lies there - sick and sore!
This time, this place may be imperfect..
But still one hopes for her loved ones...
Standing between two dark seas,
Looking for a sudden light in the middle...
Like the lighthouse has disappeared somewhere!
Forgotten that girl who loved;
Loved all, loved everything -
Forgotten all those times with her...
Even that she painted the sunshine blue, rains green!
Seems my soul is static like an old belief
or flies like a phoenix!
Far, faraway from heart -
face to face with life, thoughts of eternity...
In a starless foggy night..
Cyclone inside, tornado outside,
Heart beating in endless emptiness -
Tears are unable to fall,
Lips wanna tell - Miss you my love...
If, if you could know;you could understand -
One thunder of hidden semi-dead feelings..
Taking out past from the core of blackhole;
After centuries, with an awaken heart -
Staring at this faded Grey world - of yours and mine!

The End

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