Plot Revising... Idea Jotting

Just a plot revise for my story. I've been working on this for a long time not and I think it needs a bit of a rethink so this is just me jotting down ideas....

Lucia is the daughter of an ambassador to the king of the country. She has a lavish lifestyle but hates it. She often sneaks out and causes mischief with a group of friends. Her mother dies when she was very young and her dad refuses to talk about it. She has a brother and a sister but they are not very close. She was adopted when she was a baby and her mother took her in. Her father had not been very happy about the adoption but because of his love for his wife, he got on with it. He was never 100% sure about his wife’s family as the match had been made for him when he was younger but he soon fell in love with her, and they had their own kids. One day she went out without telling her husband and then came home with a baby girl. There were many arguments but she managed to persuade him to tell people that the baby was theirs.

                She grew up not knowing about her real parents and there was no way that she would know because her mother had gone missing when she was 3 and had never been seen again. She was a happy child even though she was a bit of a troublemaker and everyone in the house loved her. She was very pretty and had many suitors by the time she was 17 but had turned them down because she felt that she was too young to take that step. Her father was getting impatient and wanted her to have a family of her own like her siblings had. Her sister had gotten married when she was 16 and at 21 now had a child and was pregnant again. Her brother on the other hand was a general in the king’s army and hadn’t married yet because of his job. Their father loved it though because he had wanted to join the army but because of an injury to his knee, he was deemed unfit for service.

                The story begins when Lucia’s father returns home from a trip for the king with news that he had found her a husband, and that she had to marry him because his new wife believed that she was too old to still be living with her parents. Lucia hates her step-mother as she is very strict. Lucia is very upset but understands. She agrees to meet this new man and they arrange for him to come over the next day. 

The End

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