Please Save Me


Possibility is a dangerous thing, cause it always spawns hope

Hope is a demon bringing forth anticipation to the masses

I always seem to have more than my fair share

So you can see why I say I’m cursed

Father, I’m down on my knees I’m a good christen girl
I go to church every other Sunday and I always give my seat up on the bus

Please save me


Please save me

God please save me

Please save me

God please save me

Because he just won’t


Before I met him I was happy

Content in all that there was

Then I fell

I told myself it just wouldn’t be like the other times

But it was

I just couldn’t stop myself

I had to do something

You see every time he left it felt like there was no me

I had to save me




He told me I was crazy, clingy and some other four letter words

I can’t deny any of it

I can’t call it slanted

I use to say it is what it is, but I just don’t want it to be any more

Not for him

I need my own piece of mind

The End

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