Please Forgive my Regret

I found out something today. I found out you had never kissed anyone before. I thought you were that guy who had everything under control.  When I looked at you, my idol, I wanted to live the life you led.  I can't see you now, I reckon your across the hallway, but I'm looking at you under a new light. Your swag saunter, the sideways grin that probably means I don't want to know what your thinking, it wasn't out of my league. I think you were just scared. I'm ashamed to think you couldn't be yourself around me, and I'm sad to realize that bluff I always knew you were pulling worked on me, and it was the reason I cold heartedly rejected you. I can see you walking with her now, I'm glad you finally got let off my hook. You look happy. You've had your first kiss. I once had a dream it would be mine.

The End

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