Please Forgive Me

Song about how I feel like I'm too clingy to my friends.

Verse 1 (Weak Voice):

Don’t go,
I need you now.

I’m not,
strong enough,
to face the world,
Alone, Alone

Chorus (Still Weak):

Please forgive me,
I’m not tryin to,
hold on so tight.

Please forgive me,
I’m just tryin to,
see-ee the light.

Verse 2 (A Bit stronger, but still kinda weak):

Hold my hand,
Just a little bit,

I’m tryin,
not to be a bother.

Don’t leave me,
Just dont Leave me.

Chorus (A Bit stronger, but still sorta weak)

Bridge (Strong):
Come and see me off,
Let me go,
I need to know,
If I can,
face them,
oh face them on my own.

Chorus (Strong)

The End

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