My first book

I  can recall the feeling I experienced  when I was finally able to read .

A sensation of finally have found a place of rescue.

I do know my memories can go back in forward in time as i try to put bad and good in perspective, but bear with me...

 A book or books became my only place of contentement.

I realise know with the ability to see beyond the past that in my teachers I found praise,acceptment, kindness..

The words spoke to me in ways better describe as "You do matter..", I found friendship in authors I could barely pronouce their names.

It was a lonely period.

 These days I prefer to live alone by choice.

The name of my first book will not mean anything to you all, it is a portuguese one.

So,for that reason i wont write the title.

Lets just say it was the first on many...

The End

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