Unexpected Gifts

My unexpected gifts in life came in the form of two little men.

My sons.

Who slowly reafirm my faith in humankind.

They were my salvation in the worst period of my life, so far.

And today we live with an ocean between us.

 But we are a family none the less.

I still put them to sleep through the phone.

Still kiss their scrapped knees when they fall.

Still very much present in every day life,in happy periods in the low ones,I am always their mother.

My unexpected gifts have given me a reson to keep on when I just want to give up,when I falter,when I fall.

They keep me centerded.


My sons by age: MICAEL LAURO - 7

                            - LUCAS MATHEW -5

My  sons,which I can`t say  how important they are.

They are without a doubt an unexpected gift.

 The best.

The End

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