Dark Corners Of You...

There are no corners in the mind.

No limitations to what you can achieve even when it is subtly implied since birth you will acomplish nothing in life.

That you are nothing,that you should not  have been born.

The amount of rubish in dumpt on a child because they are easy targets it is amazing!!....

And sad

I remenber the times I would(i am a very light sleeper),not sleep and just lay in the dark and pray this was not my real family.

That somewhere out there existed a family that was waiting for me to come home,that they love me.

I dont do that anymore instead I do not acknowledge any of my relatives,including the one who gave birth to me.

I am solitude.

If solitude was a person.

 I spend my time at work or alone either at home or in places my body rests.

I am me,whatever that is.

The End

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