Tad Winslow

I'd argue that any movie lover is also a music lover. They are both such important parts of eachother. I have actually never met ANYONE who doesn't like a good movie. Would you slap me on the wrist for assuming that the same goes for music?

"Good" is relative of course. There just happens to be enough variations of movies that can appeal to a crowd as diverse as people are.

Also, the potential for new sounds is infinite. When combined with other limitless mediums such as film they add meaning to one another and stand alone as something new. Our collective imaginations are the only limits towards reaching the heart of something special that is also original.

I'm not going to try and flesh out one particular movie that impacted me because together they are all much more significant to me than just one.

Here are some movies I love and how they affect me.

Movies that inspire me to write:

Pan's Labyrinth

American Beauty

Wonder Boys

There Will Be Blood

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

Little Children

Pet Cemetary

The Shining

Donnie Darko

Movies that touch my heart:

The Butcher Boy

Million Dollar Baby

Akeelah and the Bee


Movies that I grew up with:

Tommy Boy

Happy Gilmore

Black Sheep

Billy Madison

Ace Ventura

Dirty Work

Movies I want to see:

Slum Dog Millionaire

Gran Torino


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The End

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