I have watched tons of movies, here are a couple movies that really stood out to me.

Son of Rambow - I literaly just saw this movie yesterday and its near the top of the list. Its a touching story about two boys from England during the 1980s, who decide to make a movie. They go through a lot of near death expiriences to make it, Will nearly drowns and Lee Carter gets stoned by angry kids. These two boys become blood brothers who do help each other through lots of problems, and suffer the consequences.

Music And Lyrics - My writer's block movie, I watch this with my Mom. Its hilarious and a good hang out movie.

The Wiz - Also very funny, my friends and I sing songs from this movie all the time.

Moonwalker - This movie is much older than I am, but I can't help it if I love Michael Jackson! I admit this movie may be a little bit corny but don't mess with Michael. I wish I could see it on an actual T.V instead of YouTube though....

The End

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