There are so many movies that I've seen over the years. Some are like a fleeting thought, but a select few implant themselves in my mind.

I wouldn't say that it was one film in particular that shaped everything that I do or say, but rather a collection of them.

Les Choristes- It was a beautiful story, but that's not why it's so important to me. This was the first French film that I could have watched without subtitles(!)

You've Got Mail- I've seen this movie so many times, that I can quote it in a second. This is probably where I get my love of typewriters, and also where I draw a lot of inspiration for my writings.

The Visitor- I just saw this movie for the first time a few weeks ago, and I absolutely adored it. It's a wonderfully human story, which makes you think about the way you view the people around you, especially illegal immigrants.

These are just a few of them--I'll probably think of more later. I didn't name a lot of the foreign films I've seen, or any of Audrey's (gasp!), but that's because there's simply too many to list.

The End

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